We built Together Again upon a foundation of relationships - with each other, with the designers we represent, the individuals behind the brands, the clients we service and the community around us. These relationships are ones of admiration, respect, effective communication and exceptional service.

We have a deep love and appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship of independent eyewear, and we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional products and personalized service. Independent eyewear is a medical device and a fashion accessory that pairs necessity with personality and tells a beautiful story.

We are a team of two friends who now call each other business partners. I guess we're still friends too.

Maressa (She/Her)

Originally on a journey to pursue fashion buying, Maressa became more specifically interested in eyewear buying after being introduced by Neil to the optical world in 2016. Soon after, Maressa became a licensed optician and went on to work in a variety of optometry/opticianry environments in Waterloo and Toronto. She appreciates sourcing vintage and secondhand goods from clothing to interior decor, keeping plants alive and spends her free time with her 7 pound Italian Greyhound Goji.

Neil (He/Him)

Way back in 2006 (when Maressa was yet a wee child), Neil began his journey in the optical industry as a sales associate and worked toward becoming a marketing and buying manager. His focus on brand building and community engagement has led to genuine and lasting relationships with eyewear designers and professionals, business owners and community members locally and internationally. He appreciates fantastical stories, running through the forest and spends his free time with his White Shepherd Lab Husky Derbalicious.