Whether You Have a Prescription or Not

If you are looking for sun protection and you do not have a prescription, the majority of brands we carry have non-prescription sunglasses. The sunglasses we have in-shop are all tinted, UV-protected, and can be purchased off the shelf. For those of you who require a prescription, we can order any of our frames with a variety of tinted and polarized lens options.


There are many different ways to customize your prescription sun lenses. Here are a variety of options to get the look and effect you desire.

Tinted Lenses

UV protected
Easy to see electronic devices

Polarized Lenses

UV protected
Extra protection from glare (noticed most around water and snow)
Electronic devices are harder to see

Solid or Gradient

Solid lenses have the same density of tint from top to bottom
Gradient lenses slowly get lighter toward the bottom


Activated by direct UV contact
Change from clear to dark in the sun
Do not change a lot in the car as a windshield is UV protected
Will change indoors if light is coming through a window that isn’t UV protected
XTRActive Transitions always have a light tint and go a bit darker in the car
Great for outdoor sports as they change based on the amount of sun

Colour Options

Many colour options are available
Darker tints are great for bright sun
Lighter tints are great for overcast days or shaded areas
Some colours stay true whereas others can provide warmth, contrast or visibility in low light

Reflective Finishing

A standard finish provides a natural soft reflective effect
A flash finish provides a moderate reflective effect
A mirror finish provides a highly reflective effect that will have people checking themselves out in your lenses!


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