“Sustainability at Bruno Chaussignand is a focus on our company way of life.”

Marina Chaussignand

Sustainability Practices

As a family business Bruno and Marina always take a careful approach to their development strategies, keeping them reasonable and on a human scale. They have a small office at the base of their house where everything is close and friendly for their employees.

For the last two years, Bruno and Marina have cut down on their production quantities to reduce waste and they keep their unused stock to a minimum. They often use old acetate stock. 80% of their product is manufactured in France and the factories are within a three-hour radius of their office and their materials are sourced from directly around them. The few materials they bring in from further away come from Germany and Italy which are still pretty close.

Bruno Chaussigand focuses on quality over quantity, so that their products have great longevity and their customers can carry them for a lifetime. They still give after-sales service on models that are more than 20 years old!

Small Batch Production

At Together Again Eyewear, we believe that investing in quality handcrafted eyewear - that is not mass-produced - is a sustainable practice. Small batch production keeps waste minimal. Our goal is to provide frames that will last a very long time and that once in a while, there is the opportunity to add to one’s collection instead of replacing a frame that is falling apart. Come check out Bruno Chaussignand and all of our other collections too!


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