“We recycle about 3 tons of vinyl each year… Most of the vinyl is either old, mispressed or unsold stock.”

Zachary Tipton

Sustainability Practices

Every year the team at Vinylize recycles about three tons of vinyl. They use upcycled vinyl for their frame fronts, in combination with an acetate backing and temples. The vinyl used in the production process is either old, mispressed or unsold stock.

Not only does Vinylize use upcycled vinyl for their frames, they also use it for their cases, cards, mirrors and displays. And stay tuned, because in September of 2024 the designer, Zachary Tipton, will be releasing a brand new special collection of frames made from 150,000cm of upcycled bicycle brake cables. That’s a lot of cycling!

Small Batch Production

At Together Again Eyewear, we believe that investing in quality handcrafted eyewear - that is not mass-produced - is a sustainable practice. Small batch production keeps waste minimal. Our goal is to provide frames that will last a very long time and that once in a while, there is the opportunity to add to one’s collection instead of replacing a frame that is falling apart. Come check out Vinylize and all of our other collections too!


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