“At Masunaga 1905, our commitment to sustainability begins with our philosophy of creating long-lasting, quality products.”


Sustainability Practices

Unlike many mass-produced, relatively inexpensive goods marketed as luxury eyewear, Masunaga’s frames are designed with timeless elegance and durability in mind. This ensures that their customers can enjoy their eyewear for years, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby minimizing environmental impact.

Moreover, Masunaga’s meticulous craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials mean that each pair of glasses is not only a fashion statement but also a sustainable choice. By prioritizing durability and classic design over fleeting trends, they help their customers make more environmentally friendly decisions.

Masunaga is proud to say that their approach to sustainability is about creating products that stand the test of time both in style and in function. This philosophy helps reduce waste and promotes a more sustainable consumption pattern in the eyewear industry.

Small Batch Production

At Together Again Eyewear, we believe that investing in quality handcrafted eyewear - that is not mass-produced - is a sustainable practice. Small batch production keeps waste minimal. Our goal is to provide frames that will last a very long time and that once in a while, there is the opportunity to add to one’s collection instead of replacing a frame that is falling apart. Come check out Masunaga and all of our other collections too!


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